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November task list ~ Sorting Saturday

I am still behind in all my filing and sorting and such like, and not much, if any, progess has been made since September.

Happily though, my grandfather’s biography is finished.  Shrieks of joy and jubilation! Two weeks ago I finally submitted my Lecture 2 assignments for the course I’m doing with IHGS.  It’s taken me a year to do the first two lectures, and I have 22 more to go…. I think I may need to speed up a little.

I’m hoping a task list might help me get focussed over the next month.  There are six more weeks before the kids break up for Christmas, so I have to make the most of my kid-free time. These are my  priorities for November:

  • outstanding emails
  • lecture 3 assignments
  • regular blogging (including finishing my West Yorkshire research trip series)
  • filing and inputting data for maternal side
  • book tickets for WDYTYA? Live in February

Sorting Saturday is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.

Stuff and censuses ~ Sorting Saturday

Some of the blog posts I’ve been reading lately have inspired me to start tackling some of my stuff that’s Not Been Dealt With. For instance, while writing yesterday’s post I realised most of the census records I have collected are just images on my computer, a few have been transcribed, none have been printed out, and only a couple have made it into my Reunion family file.

What to do? I wonder what everyone else does?

This afternoon I have been printing off census images, then transcribing the information onto blank UK census sheets from Ancestry. I’ve also noted down any extra citation information like date accessed and GSU roll. Once done, I place both pages back to back in a clear punch pocket and file away in my surname ring binders. This is going to take some time, but I figure if I do a bit every Saturday, it’ll get completed eventually. And then there’s adding all the information into Reunion as well, which I probably need to do as I go, or it will become a nightmare job!

Two books I had requested from the library turned up this week – more background reading for my course work: The Female Line – Researching your Female Ancestors by Margaret Ward, and Family Photographs & How to Date Them by Jayne Shrimpton. I met Jayne at Who Do You Think You Are? Live back in February and she dated a photograph for me, so I’m looking forward to reading about how she does it.

And in other news, I passed my first two assignments! (I’m studying towards the Higher Certificate in Genealogy with the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies). I received a B+ for my autobiography and an A- for my Seize Quartiers (drop-line pedigree chart up to my 16 great great grandparents). It was great to get the comments back before I finish my next lot of assignments. I’m currently working on my paternal grandfather’s biography, need to get cracking on that.

Sorting Saturday is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.

Who Do You Think You Are? Live – London

So, on Sunday I headed off into London for Who Do You Think You Are? Live. I had bought a Q-jump ticket to avoid the queues I remembered from last year on the Saturday, but didn’t need to have as it was a lot quieter, with no queues at all to get in. And none of the presentations were booked out either, so I managed to snaffle a couple more tickets. Having been awake since 2am (yay jetlag), I decided to spend most of my time sitting and listening to talks, rather than traipsing around the exhibition floor.

After grabbing the extra tickets, I lined up to get a photo dated by Jayne Shrimpton at the Family Tree magazine stand.

I had a good idea who the couple were in the photograph – my great great grandparents Mary Jane Clark and Ephraim Wright – but couldn’t be sure, and wanted a date for confirmation. On the back of the photograph, in handwriting I don’t recognise (a couple of relatives in that family were great at writing of the back of photos, but this wasn’t from one of them) is the inscription: “Dad copied this from a very old & faded photograph of your father and mother. Thought you would like one.” Ephraim died at the age of 33 in 1894, and we have no photographs of him, so I was excited to find out if it was possibly him and his wife Mary Jane. She married three times, so I really needed the date. Jayne gave a date range of 1876 to 1883 (wow! so impressed she could be that specific – wanted to ask her more about how she could date so precisely, but didn’t want to take up more than my allotted time), and also said that it looked like a standard wedding photo. Ephraim and Mary Jane were married in 1882 in Lewisham, Kent, so this fitted perfectly!

Mary Jane and Ephraim Wright (probably wedding photo, 1882)

Mary Jane and Ephraim Wright (probably wedding photo, 1882)

I had a quick look around some of the stands, then headed off to the theatre for the first talk – Behind the Scenes with Ainsley Harriot, one of the celebrities featured in a previous UK series of Who Do You Think You Are? I wouldn’t have bothered with going, but it was nice to sit and relax for an hour, and it was interesting enough, though I didn’t learn anything useful for my own research.

Straight then onto my next presentation: Reading the writing of the past – Barbara Harvey (replacing Dominic Johnson). An interesting topic, would have been better as more of a “hands on” workshop I think. Barbara did a good job if she was drafted in at the last minute.

Now onto the workshops I had prebooked. First up was: My ancestor was in the parish registers – John Hanson. I had attended a very similar talk last year given by Else Churchill (in fact, I recognised some of the same images), but I think I got a lot more out of it this year, having actually started looking at parish records. Really enjoyed this, great speaker.

With only 15 minutes between talks at this point, I was thankful they were all in the same place or nearby, so I had a chance to grab a bite to eat in between!

Next up: Records of deaths and burials – Alec Tritton. Well, this was a bit disappointing. Covered some of the same material as John Hanson’s talk. Alec mentioned that he’d had to cut his usual 90 minute talk on the subject into 45 minutes, and it showed. To be fair, I was possibly flagging a little at this point. The online handout should be useful.

Phew – little bit of a breather here. Had a prebooked Ask the Experts session, and got some direction on how to tackle a brick wall concerning a great great great grandfather. I then had a chance to wander around the stands and check out some of the books for sale – and grabbed a discounted copy of Phillimore’s Atlas and Index of Parish Registers, which I had been wanting. I also had a chat to the membership officer for the Suffolk FHS.

Last workshop of the day was: Irish records – beyond the obvious, with Rosalind McCutcheon. Oh, what a joy and delight this woman was! I was worried that I’d be falling asleep by the end of the day, but no fear here! Lovely speaker and lots of useful information.

All in all, a good day!

Handouts of all the above presentations and more besides are available online at the Society of Genealogists website.

Back in the UK

We landed back in the UK on Friday evening, but while my body may be here, my body clock seems to still be in South Korea.  Which is why I’m up at 4am writing a blog post.

The trip to New Zealand was amazing, and overwhelming.  Seeing all my family again was wonderful, though tempered with sadness as the impromptu family reunion was for my grandmother’s funeral. Saying goodbye was hard, too.  And then an earthquake devastated the city of Christchurch, with 147 deaths confirmed so far.  Thankfully friends and family are all okay, but the images and stories we saw and heard on our last days in New Zealand were harrowing and unforgettable.

In terms of my research plan, I managed to achieve most of my goals, and also make some connections with extended family members.  I’ll post more on this later.  For now, I need to try and get some sleep before heading off to the Olympia for Who Do You Think You Are? Live today.

WDYTYA Live 2011

I’ve finally booked!

We arrive back from New Zealand on the Friday afternoon, so I’ve been tossing up whether I’ll be compos mentis, or a pile of jibbering jet-laggedness.  Still, can’t pass up one of the genealogical highlights of the year, so I’ve bought a Q-jump ticket for the Sunday, and booked into three workshops and an Ask the Expert session.  (Will have to figure out what I’m going to “ask” at that.)

I also have a Beginner’s Tutorial weekend coming up for my course with IHGS in Canterbury in March, which I need to book before I go away next week.  Have to psych the hubby up for a weekend with the three kids on his own.   I’m hoping this will really push me forward on the assignment front (aka get my A into G and do some work), plus I get to meet fellow students. Oh, and a kidfree weekend! 😀

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