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What, June already? ~ (Very Un) Sorting Saturday

I don’t seem to be doing very well on blog posting lately!  I’d love to say that it’s because I’ve been concentrating on my IHGS assignment work, but that’d be a big fat lie.  There has been some family history research going on though, however not much filing and recording.

Most of the research I’ve been doing has involved travelling.  Back in April I managed a quick whizz around some villages in Staffordshire where my Tunnecliff(e) ancestor George may be from.  I had some helpful information from Tunnecliff descendents in Australia, and I’m hoping I can eventually prove a link to this particular Tunnecliff family.

Last week I was up in Scotland, chasing up my Burke and Philp ancestors, in Perth and Fife respectively.  With three kids in tow, it was a whistlestop tour of a few key places, but I did manage 30 minutes research at the A.K. Bell Library in Perth, poring over burial registers and valuation rolls.  I could have spent days in there!

A confession:  my record-keeping is C-R-A-P-O-L-A.  Things I thought I’d entered into Reunion are nowhere to be found.  Yup, still stuck somewhere in one of the fifty gazillion notebooks I write everything into.  *sigh*  I really notice how bad things are when trying to gather together info for a research trip, or attempting to answer an email from a distant relative (I will be in touch soon, I promise, once I’ve sorted out my notes!)

On a more positive (sorting) note, I’ve just cleaned out my RSS feed reader and drastically cut my blog subscriptions down to about thirty blogs – in the hope I’ll actually get to read all of them.  I think that’s about the only “housekeeping” I’ve done lately!


Off to Staffordshire, so no ~ Sorting Saturday

We’re taking the kids off to a theme park in Staffordshire.  I am hoping we’ll get up there in time tomorrow to visit the Black Country Living Museum, but it depends on how organised we are in the morning (ie. what time we leave!)

Today I’ve been trying to follow up a Staffordshire ancestor.  Unfortunately, all I know is that he was born around 1831 in Staffordshire.   Nothing else.  I’ve been checking census records, determining which George Tunn[e|i]cliff[e] was born around the right time, and then disappeared off the face of the earth, according to the England census records, and emigrated to New Zealand in 1857.

I have one likely suspect, born in Checkley, Staffordshire.  I wonder if I can wangle a little detour there?