Remember the cassette tape recording I had of an interview with my grandfather’s cousin, Lally Coppinger?  I managed to find it in one of the many boxes in our storage unit when we were back in New Zealand in February.

The interview took place at her home in Lomita, California in late 1991, when I was on my way to England from New Zealand. I hadn’t listened to the tape since then, except for a couple minutes in February when I first found it.

I could barely remember what was on it, what we discussed, or anything.  I know I took a few notes, but mostly I relied on having the recording.  So I was very excited (and a little nervous) about what I would hear.

It’s full of wonderful stories of my maternal great grandfather’s family in London – Lally’s father James Arthur Wright and my great grandfather Alexander Wright were brothers.  Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the tape running out on the first side (oh I remember that happening!), and of course I missed the stories about my great grandfather.  I only hope my written notes (somewhere in that darn storage unit still) can shed some light.

I’d also forgotten that Lally was a keen family historian and travelled to England regularly to do research, and that she showed me her family tree and a lot of old photographs (yep, it was about this time I wished I’d had video).  She promised to send them to me to get copied once I got settled in England.  But of course, I didn’t get back in touch with her for several years and forgot all about the photographs.  Oh woeful day!  And I feel so incredibly sad now, feeling that I  let her down.  She was a kindred spirit, and I didn’t realise it then, being more caught up in study and work in Ireland (where I settled in the end) rather than family history at that time.

Both Lally and her husband Doyle have passed away now, and I lost touch with their only child a few years ago.  I’m hoping I may be able to find her.

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