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Stuff and censuses ~ Sorting Saturday

Some of the blog posts I’ve been reading lately have inspired me to start tackling some of my stuff that’s Not Been Dealt With. For instance, while writing yesterday’s post I realised most of the census records I have collected are just images on my computer, a few have been transcribed, none have been printed out, and only a couple have made it into my Reunion family file.

What to do? I wonder what everyone else does?

This afternoon I have been printing off census images, then transcribing the information onto blank UK census sheets from Ancestry. I’ve also noted down any extra citation information like date accessed and GSU roll. Once done, I place both pages back to back in a clear punch pocket and file away in my surname ring binders. This is going to take some time, but I figure if I do a bit every Saturday, it’ll get completed eventually. And then there’s adding all the information into Reunion as well, which I probably need to do as I go, or it will become a nightmare job!

Two books I had requested from the library turned up this week – more background reading for my course work: The Female Line – Researching your Female Ancestors by Margaret Ward, and Family Photographs & How to Date Them by Jayne Shrimpton. I met Jayne at Who Do You Think You Are? Live back in February and she dated a photograph for me, so I’m looking forward to reading about how she does it.

And in other news, I passed my first two assignments! (I’m studying towards the Higher Certificate in Genealogy with the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies). I received a B+ for my autobiography and an A- for my Seize Quartiers (drop-line pedigree chart up to my 16 great great grandparents). It was great to get the comments back before I finish my next lot of assignments. I’m currently working on my paternal grandfather’s biography, need to get cracking on that.

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Not very ~ Sorting Saturday

I am not very sorted.  Genealogically-wise, I don’t have huge amounts of family ephemera to store, but I have recently amassed a fair amount of research that has Not Been Dealt With.

There’s all those wills and letters of administration I photographed at Wellington Archives Office when I was in New Zealand, plus all the photos I need to edit and put online for family to help identify.  And not to mention all the little notes I’ve written in my A5 project book that need adding into Reunion.

My latest “discovery” is the New Zealand Electoral Rolls on Ancestry, which I now have access to since upgrading my subscription.  Wow!  Initially I was focussing on my grandfather (for my assignment) but I keep coming up with other ancestors I want to track down.  While not as informative as a census record (only adults over 18 are listed), the rolls were compiled every three years, giving you a much better chance of tracking your relatives as they moved about.  Not all the rolls are indexed, but as long as you have an idea of where your relative is living, you can search for them by browsing in the relevant electorate(s).  Having said that, I have yet to find my grandfather in 1931.

So lots to do, and what do I end up doing today?  Reading a book that arrived in the post – Settlers: New Zealand Immigrants from England, Ireland & Scotland 1800 – 1945 by Jock Phillips and Terry Hearn.   Of course the first thing I did when I got it was check the index for names of any of my ancestors – no luck there, but so far the book is proving to be a very good distraction from other more mundane tasks such as filing and organising stuff that’s NBDW.  Oops.

Sorting Saturday is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.

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